Addressing the growing demand for cleaner and safer fuel

In 1998 we constructed the first U.S. commercial plant that could produce premium biodiesel from animal fats and used cooking oils. Where are we 20 years further down the road? And how does this fit in with the commitment to provide for a growing population?

From commitment to contribution:

How does our commitment deliver results on our focus areas?

  • 85% CO2 reduction versus conventional diesel
  • 2.4 million MT CO2 avoided or reduced
  • 275 million gallons of renewable diesel per year
  • Almost 16 million gallons of biodiesel per year
  • Replaces ~1.6 billion miles worth of fossil fuel
  • Over 54 billion pounds of inedible meat by-products and fats generated in US each year
  • Of that, 4.4 billion pounds is used cooking oil collected in North America
  • Upcycled into animal feed ingredients, biofuels, and used in many commercial, industrial and consumer products and applications
  • $ 675 mln investment in local economy