Bioenergy is renewable energy made available from the processing of materials derived from biological sources.  The feedstock for biomass-based energy is often a byproduct, residue or waste product of other processes, such as farming, commercial meat production, and animal husbandry. By using these valuable 'waste' materials to produce energy, we avoid the competition of using agricultural products for fuel or food. 

Governments set ambitious goals for sustainable energy production, and today's society demands energy that is futureproof, socially acceptable, economically viable, technically safe and environmentally friendly. We answer those goals by producing green energy to power some of our processing plants, green electricity for the local power grids, and biofuels such as biodiesel and renewable diesel. This section measures and reports on our contributions and the form they take.

Bioenergy production: The annual amount of kWh of electricty plus the Nm3 of biogas, produced within our facilities

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