As population growth continues to rise and wealth increases, so does the demand for food, feed and fuel. Traditional resources such as water, fauna and oil are depleting, which increases the demand for sustainable alternatives. Population growth requires that our world find ways to significantly increase the production of food, feed and energy with limited impact on the environment in order to continue to meet basic human needs.
That’s where we come in.

Update on Corporate Social Responsibility

Darling Ingredients Inc. is committed to uphold and grow the sustainable operations and practices that lay the foundation of our business. Click here to see Darling's message to stakeholders on recent advances in corporate social responsibility/sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct

As a global leader in the industry, it is vital that our business practices and individual conduct be open and honest, which is reflected in our three core values of integrity, transparency and entrepreneurship. These values are the foundation of everything we stand for and form the basis of our Code of Conduct. You can download and read our Code of Conduct here.


At Darling Ingredients, we take responsibility for all our actions, including our commitment to respect the environment. We operate in ways that, wherever possible, leave a positive impact on people, animals, air, water and earth. We encourage activities that benefit our people, the people in the communities around us as well as the global environment, and that also contribute to the nutrition and health of animals and people. 

In order to manage our environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic and documented manner, we utilize an environmental management system (EMS) called Compliance Tracker (CT) which aligns with ISO 14001 in North America. Click here ISO 1400 Alignment Position Paper, an ISO 14001 certified EMS in Europe. Click here for list of locations, and other international locations have an EMS aligned with ISO 14001. The Board reviews quarterly an up-date from the Global Environmental Affairs department on environmental issues.


We not only care about people and our earth, we have the knowledge, means and spirit to add substantial value to what nature provides. As the world's leading innovative developer and producer of sustainable ingredients made from organic by-products, no one is more committed to addressing this global need for sustainable resources than we are.


We believe that our success lies in how we contribute to creating a more sustainable world. It's the reason we continuously strive to improve ourselves, our products, our financial performance and our processes. Our mission is to add sustainable value and a second life to what nature provides, helping to meet the rising demand for food, feed and fuel in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.  


Nature has much more to offer than society currently uses. In a world of limited natural resources, giving nature a second life has become our second nature. We do this by taking in materials that would otherwise be discarded and turning them into sustainable food, feed or fuel ingredients.  This is how we commit to sustainability – by respecting the environment, optimizing nutrition and health, and giving back to communities.

We seek better ways to improve the world and provide for its growing needs. Not just today, but as an ongoing philosophy.