Message from the Chief Executive Officer on Sustainability

Our purpose is to repurpose.

"At the heart of Darling Ingredients is our vision to create sustainable ingredients to feed and fuel a growing population… and to do so by repurposing bio-nutrients, thus protecting the planet and the life it sustains for future generations.  We view this as an obligation, not an option.  

Darling transforms slaughtered animal by-products into valuable feed ingredients for cattle, hogs, fish and chickens, thus creating a sustaining lifecycle for global meat producers. We also repurpose these by-products into organic fertilizers and pet foods.  Additionally, we provide sustainable solutions to the restaurant and supermarket industry by converting waste fats into renewable diesel that powers the cars we drive and the trucks that transport the products we use daily. 

For over 135 years, Darling has played a vital role in carbon emissions avoidance and reduction. Simply put, our company’s purpose is to globally repurpose organic waste into sustainable products that improve our quality of life on this planet. What we produce is important, but so is how we produce it. 

The men and women of Darling are committed to working beyond the level of compliance. We operate in ways that, wherever possible, leave a positive impact on the environment by providing clean water and air, safe food and feed, and improving the communities where we live and work.

I am proud of the role we play in feeding and fueling a growing population while reducing human impact on our planet. We will continue to grow our business in a sustainable way – by bringing long-term value to all stakeholders."

Randall C. Stuewe

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer