Tomorrow's nutrition... today!

By 2050, there will be nearly 10 billion of us. Feeding tomorrow’s world means doubling the amount of protein-rich food we produce today. It’s an enormous challenge. But sometimes big problems can have tiny solutions.

Watch this video and learn how insects can feed the world... without the world feeding on insects.

From commitment to contribution:

How does our commitment deliver results on our focus areas?

  • 3500 MT of feed production from circular and sustainable feedstock at full capacity
  • BSFL farming generate thousands of times more protein per acre than other feed products
  • 140 mln liters cleaned water given back to nature
  • BSFL meal contains at least 40% crude protein, 12% fat and 8% crude fiber
  • All materials fed to BSFL are safe to use in animal feeds and meet AAFCO guidelines